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Adult Support

Congratulations on your appointment.

Adult volunteers are at the heart of Scouting, and we hope that you will get every bit as much out of it as you put in. Scouting is not only about young people, but also about the development of adults within the Movement.

To support adults in Scouting, the Association provides a comprehensive programme of training to build on existing skills and knowledge and develop new competencies.

Some elements of training can count towards externally-recognised qualifications, and within the movement there are also awards to recognise dedication to training and outstanding service.

Training is important so that you are best equipped for your role in Scouting and that the Young People you are helping get the best from you.

There are a number of Areas we would like to help you with. Some you can do on line, as  e-learning, some as work books and some as Courses.

Once the learning has been completed we are looking to you to put this into practice and we will then need to Validate this through an appointed Training Adviser.

To Help you get the best out of your training and learning the plan is broken down into 3 areas,   Getting Started, Getting Going & Getting On.

Getting Started modules are compulsory and must be completed before a full appointment can be confirmed but other modules can be completed in any order. Section Leaders are required to complete the learning and validations for all Modules 1 – 19 (excluding 4) before your Wood Beads will be issued

Your first Modules of Getting Started are:

Module 1  Essential Information, Module 2 Learning Plan,Module 3  Tools For The Job
Safeguarding Training

Record your module completion on your training plan and bring your copy with any examples of what you have been doing in Scouting to your meeting with a Training Adviser so that the validation stage can be completed and your records updated.

Please go to the Leaders Online Training page for further information. To view the Training Module Matrix click here

For dates of courses, events and to book a place please visit the Devon Scouts Training Hub calender

Who to contact

Deputy County Training Manager   Simon Squires

Local Training Manager (LTM)        Ian Fisher

Training Advisors (TA)


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