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Leaders Online Training

Leaders Online Training

This area will link you to the alternative methods of learning available to you should you not be able to attend a course or if a different learning method is more suitable.

If you are going to use one of the e-learning modules then it would help you to watch the How to Guide by following this link.

  • Module 1   Essential Information                                               e-learning                  click here

  • Module 3   Tools for the Job (Section Leaders)                        e-learning                  click here

  • Module 4   Tools for the Job (Managers and Supporters)        e-learning                  click here

  • Module 5   Fundamental Values of Scouting                            e-learning                  click here

  • Module 6   Changes in Scouting                                               video download         click here

  • Module 7    Scouting for All                                                       workbook                   click here

  • Module 11  Administration                                                         workbook                  click here

  • Module 12A Delivering a Quality Programme                           e-learning                  click here

  • Module 13  Growing the Section                                               workbook                   click here

  • Module 14 Supporting Young People                                       workbook                   click here

  • Module 15  Promoting Positive Behaviour                                workbook                   click here

  • Module 17  Running Safe Activities                                           workbook                  click here


Learning Materials

These resources are to help learners complete the various training modules in the Adult Training Scheme.

For detailed information about what training each role in Scouting needs to complete, please refer to the Adult’s Personal File.

Additional & On going Training

In addition to completing the modules listed above that is required for your role you must also complete two additional certificates:

Safeguarding                e-learning – please note: Safeguarding certificates last ONE year and then your next update should be a course.

Safety Training           e-learning – please note: you must have a valid safety certificate at every role review.

Leadership and Management Training

View all learning opportunities for Leadership and Management Training, or visit the individual areas below.

Supplementary Modules

There are also a number of additional ongoing learning and development oppportunities available.


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