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Terms and Conditions


1a. ‘Torbay District Scouts’ refers to the Torbay District Scouts Council, and all members of the District Executive Committee.
1b. ‘Booking’ refers to a request by a group to hire the campsite, buildings or activities at Torbay District Scout Campsite.
1c. ‘Group’ refers to the person with whom Torbay District Scouts will deal with in relation to a booking.
1d. ‘Torbay District Scout Campsite’ refers to the Buildings, camp pitches and land classed as the campsite.
1e. The person named as Nights Away Permit Holder is expected to remain on site for every night of the camp.


2a. Camping – we will provide a camping pitch, access to drinking water, toilet and shower facilities.
2b. Hall and Kitchen – the hirer of these facilities will have use of Hall A, Kitchen facilities and QM’s Stores (an additional room suitable for leader’s accommodation) and camping pitch 1. The kitchen is fully equipped and has hot water and a fridge and freezer. There are no laundry facilities.
2c. All bookings for camping and use of buildings are booked per night.
2d. It is the responsibility of the Group to ensure that all details and dates on the Booking Confirmation are correct.
2e. When a booking is made, in the first instance it is regarded as a provisional booking. By making a booking you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.
2f. Provisional bookings will be held for a period of 14 days from the date the Booking Form is emailed to the Group. Thereafter Torbay District Scouts reserve the right to release your booking without notice. A booking is officially confirmed upon receipt of the relevant deposit and booking form.
2.g All bookings must be made a minimum of 7 days in advance. Bookings made less than 21 days before the intended arrival date are considered to be confirmed bookings from the outset with full payment being due.
2.h The booking of on-site activities should be made at the point of the original booking. No bookings will be taken for on-site activities within 28 days of your arrival date. Activity bookings are subject to the availability of instructors and equipment.
2i. Whilst every effort is made to honour your booking as it was at the time of confirmation, Torbay District Scouts reserve the right to make changes where necessary. On these occasions we will notify you of any changes as early as possible and allow you the option to cancel your booking without penalty.


3a. Prices and charges are subject to change and are not necessarily those that were current at the time of making a booking. It is the responsibility of the Group to check our website for current prices.
3b. All booking deposits are non-refundable.
3c. The full booking cost will be calculated from the information provided on your booking form, any changes to numbers must be notified, by email, at least 28 days prior to your arrival date. (Please see cancellation charges below).
3d. The final payment for a booking must be made 14 days before the booking starts (payment details will be included on the final invoice).
3.e. The Group will have full and final responsibility for all matters relating to a booking, including payment of fees.

4a. Any changes to or cancellation of a booking by a Group must be confirmed by email to the Booking Manager or will not be valid.

4b. Cancellation charges

  • 90 days or more – the deposit will be forfeit.
  • 28 days to 90 days – you will be required to pay 50% of the total bill based on the predicted figures on your confirmation invoice.
  • 28 days or less – you will be required to pay 100% of the total bill based on the predicted figures on your confirmation invoice.

4c. Cancellation charges apply to all items booked.

5a. All booked on-site activities must be conducted under the supervision of the Group. Adults accompanying the group agree to act in loco parentis at all times.
5b. Accompanying adults for each group should know the specific health and medical needs of their group members, if a specific need is identified this should be discussed with the activity instructor at the start of the session.
5c. Activity instructors reserve the right to remove a participant or a Group from an activity or cancel an activity if the conduct of the individual(s) is deemed by the Instructor to be dangerous. The decision of the activity instructor is final. The full cost of the activity session will still be charged.
5d. All bookings are subject to availability, alteration and cancellation due to weather/operational factors. In this event we will notify you of any changes as early as possible. If it is not possible to rearrange your activity booking you will not be charged.

Supervision of Minors & Conduct on Site

6a. Responsibility for the supervision, behaviour and welfare of the group remains with the ‘Nights Away Permit Holder’ (Group Leader).
6b. It is the responsibility of the ‘group’ to ensure that all adults (over 18), with the exception of Scout Association Network Members are vetted in accordance with either the Scout Associations Child Protection Policy or their organisations relevant procedures for safeguarding. All users must follow the Scout Association’s Child Protection Policy “Young People First” and the Scout Associations Health and Safety Policy at all times. These Policies can be found at Young People First & Safety Policy
6c. Smoking is prohibited within the boundary of. Torbay District Scout Campsite. Those over 18 must follow the Scout Association’s Smoking Policy at all times. Smoke Free Scouting
6d. Adults (over 18) may consume alcohol within their own camping areas but must follow the Scout Association’s Alcohol Policy at all times. Alcohol and Scouting. The consumption of alcohol by under 18’s is prohibited.
6e. Substance abuse, possession, use and trafficking of illegal drugs and ‘legal highs’ during your stay at Torbay District Scout Campsite is prohibited. Torbay District Scouts will report all cases in line with the Scout Associations guidelines Substance Use and Misuse.
6f. Torbay District Scouts reserve the right to terminate your booking at any time.

7a. Torbay District Scouts have legal liability insurance to cover its potential liabilities.
Groups booking our facilities should consider whether they wish to obtain other insurances such as cancellation or personal accident insurance.
7b. Torbay District Scouts cannot accept liability for any personal belongings and or property owned by or hired to users which has been lost, stolen or damaged during the course of a stay or visit.

Torbay District Scout Campsite and facilities
8a. All camping pitches and buildings are available from 2pm on the day of your arrival.
8b. All camping pitches and buildings must be vacated and cleared by 12 noon on the day of departure. We reserve the right to charge an additional night’s fees for any delay to your departure.
8c. If a member of the Campsite Team is unable to greet you on arrival you will be provided with access instructions by email a few days prior to the commencement of your booking.
8d. Torbay District Scouts strictly prohibit the use and discharge of any style of pyrotechnic devices (Fireworks) on the campsite.
8e. Torbay District Scouts reserve the right to charge Groups for any damage caused to any are of the campsite, buildings and or equipment by their members during their stay.
8f. Torbay District Scouts reserve the right to charge a cleaning fee if a group leaves any area in an unreasonable state of cleanliness.
8g. The digging of fire pits and latrines is not permitted on Torbay District Campsite.
8h. Torbay District Scout Campsite does not have facilities for chemical toilet waste disposal.
8i. Wi-Fi use is subject to the Terms of Torbay Scouts Internet Policy. By signing on to the system you agree to be bound by the terms.
8j. Dogs are not permitted on site (except Assistance Dogs).
8k. For your security, Torbay District Scout Campsite is covered by CCTV monitoring equipment.
8l. Torbay District Scouts will not be liable for any cancellation, alteration or delay caused by circumstances beyond our reasonable control, such as acts of God, war, riot, civil commotion, terrorism, malicious damage, threats to safety, accident, environmental contamination, pandemic, outbreak of disease, fire, storm or flood.
8m. The use of personal electrical appliances is at your own risk. Groups will be charged for any damage caused by use of faulty personal electrical equipment.
8n. Torbay District Scouts may take photographs for promotional or marketing purposes. All images will be used in accordance with the Scout Associations guidelines:
8o. If you have any complaint during the period of your booking, please contact the Site Warden or the District Commissioner.

Scout Sections:

In line with the Government restrictions and that all “face-to face” Scout  activities and events are be suspended  until further notice, we have taken the decision to close Watcombe campsite for the 2020 summer season. 

The safety of our Watcombe Campsite Team and your young people and adults is of paramount importance to us. We have not taken this decision lightly but feel it is the best interest of all.

We are taking bookings, for Youth Organisations for the 2021 season.

Unfortunately we are not open to the general public, camper vans or caravans