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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

  1. The ‘Booking’ refers to a request by a group or individual to hire the campsite, and buildings at Watcombe Campsite.
  2. The ‘Group Leader’ refers to the person with whom Torbay Scouts deals with in relation to a booking.
  3. “Torbay Scouts” refers to the Torbay Borough Scouts Council, the District Executive  Committee and all members of.
  4. “Watcombe Campsite” refers to the Buildings, camp pitches and land classed as the campsite
  5. Torbay Scouts will regard the Group Leader as having final responsibility for all matters relating to a booking, and including payment of fees.
  6. A booking for a camp, day visit and/or activity at Watcombe can be reserved for 14 days. Bookings must be made by email using the booking form. No booking is confirmed until the appropriate booking deposit has been received.
  7. All bookings must be made a minimum of 7 days in advance.
  8. All booking deposits are non-refundable
  9. The cost of any booking will be charged at the rate that is relevant for the year of the event, regardless of when the booking was made
  10. The full booking cost will be calculated from the information provided on your booking form.
  11. The final payment for a booking must be made 14 days before the booking starts.
  12. Payment for additional onsite activities must be made before date of departure.
  13. Cancellations must be made in writing to the Booking Manager
  14. All cheques must be made payable to Torbay Borough Scouts Council
  15. Torbay Scouts reserves the right to cancel, alter, or delay any camp, course, accommodation or activity where forced to do so by circumstances beyond our control, such as serious illness, severe weather or any other circumstances which would subject Watcombe Campsite, Torbay Scouts  or any of its volunteers or any of its participants to danger.
  16. All camping pitches are available from 2pm Your site must be cleared by 12 noon.
  17. The person that is named as Nights Away Permit Holder is expected to remain on site for every night of the camp.
  18. Torbay Scouts reserves the right to send away from a camp or activity, any person who in their judgment is found to be unmanageable or a danger to the safety or enjoyment of others. In this event, no refund will be given. Any additional costs and responsibility involved in removing the participant will be borne by the group.
  19. Please note our campsite does not have facilities for waste disposal for campers using chemical toilets.
  20. Use of Fireworks- Torbay Scouts strictly prohibit the use and discharge of any style of pyrotechnic devices (Fireworks) on the campsite. In accordance with clause 18 any member of a  Group that is found to have brought onto site any product, will  be sent away from camp/activity
  21. Some activities are potentially dangerous if not skillfully managed. Safety must therefore be paramount and all participants must accept that the decision of the activity instructor is final. Torbay Scouts will accept no liability for problems arising from failure to accept and/ or respond to the authority and instructions of the instructor.
  22. All photographs, videos, or other recorded media may be used by Torbay Scouts for marketing or advertising purposes without any payment or compensation being offered and without any request being made to the featured parties. All images will be used in accordance with Scout Association guidelines. These guidelines can be found here Photography, video and audio recording at Scout events
  23. It is the responsibility of the Group Leader to ensure that all areas (including buildings and campsites) used by their group are left in a clean and tidy condition at the end of a booking. We reserve the right to charge groups, at the current rate, those who wilfully or deliberately damage equipment, buildings, campsite trees or grounds, or who fail to leave the building or site in a reasonable condition.
    Groups will be charged an additional £100 cleaning fee if the building, halls or facilities are left in an unsatisfactory condition
  24. Any adult (18 or over) who is staying on the campsite overnight must hold a valid DBS check from the Scout Association. All users must follow the Scout Association’s Child Protection Policy “Young People First” at all times. This Policy can be found at:- Young People First
  25. Non Scout Association groups must provide proof of valid DBS certificate for ALL adult (18 or over) attendees, for the duration of their stay. Failure to provide proof will result in cancelation of the booking
  26. Responsibility for the supervision, behaviour and welfare of the group remains with the ‘responsible adult’ (Group Leader) as notified on the booking form.
  27. All information given in any literature produced by or on behalf of Torbay Scouts is correct at the time of going to press. It is given in good faith and intended as a guide to accommodation, camping and activity facilities available and may be altered without notice to suit differing seasonal or other conditions.
  28. If you have any complaint during your booking, please notify the Site Warden. We will do our utmost to find a speedy and satisfactory solution.
  29. Any electrical appliances brought to the campsite and used there must be safe, in good working order and used in a safe manner. All electrical appliances belonging to the hirer must be checked annually to ensure they meet current safety standards. Any person charging their appliance with their own charger would be liable for any damage caused.
  30. Smoking by those under the age of 18 is forbidden. For the comfort, health and safety of all concerned, smoking is forbidden during any activities run at Watcombe Campsite. Those over 18 must follow the Scout Association’s Smoking Policy at all times.  The Policy can be found at:-   Smoke Free Scouting.  Smoking is not permitted in the HQ Building at any time.
  31. No alcohol may be consumed by those under the age of 18 at any time. Adults (over 18) may consume alcohol within their own camping areas but must follow the Scout Association’s Alcohol Policy at all times. The Policy can be found at:- Alcohol and Scouting Under NO circumstances will anyone under the influence of alcohol be permitted to participate in any activity organized at Watcombe Campsite.
  32. All vistors to Watcombe Campsite are not permitted to possess, supply, traffic, or be under the influence of, prohibited drugs at any time, under any circumstances. Prohibited drugs include those substances recognised as a prohibited drug and/or defined as illegal under national laws and local regulations.  Torbay Scouts reserves the right to inform the police should the situation warrant it, if it appears that illegal behaviour is taking place, or if said behaviour is, or may result in, endangering the health and safety of those concerned or others. Torbay Scouts will issue a lifetime ban to the Campsite to any group that has a member who has been proven to  possess, supply, traffic, or be under the influence of, prohibited drugs
  33. Use of the Wi-Fi system is subject to the Terms of Torbay Scouts Internet Policy. Details can be found here. By signing on to the system you agree to be bound by the terms.
  34. Watcombe Campsite is covered by all necessary insurances.
  35. Please note for your security, our Campsite is covered by CCTV monitoring equipment
  36. Torbay Scouts may change these terms from time to time and so you should check these on a regular basis.

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