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11th Torbay Sea Scouts Remember

Posted on May 27th, 2018 by John Harrison

The 11th Torbay led by Mrs Cheryl Bailiss attended the 75th remembrance service held Sunday 27th May to remember the 24 young lives lost in the bombing of St.Marychurch itself in 1943.

Survivors gathered, shared stories, with the service  readings given by HRH Lord Lieutenant of Devon Mr David Fursdon.

The scouts and Explorers appreciated the service and help out with the refreshments afterwards.


For more information on the Lord Lieutenant of Devon please click here

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Southwest iCook Finalists

Posted on May 1st, 2018 by John Harrison

The 10th Torbay Sea Scouts have made their first foray into the world of scout cooking competitions and took part in their first Regional final. Dion, Freya, Skye and Lily (assisted by Capt’n and Bosun) travelled up to Gloucestershire to battle against 11 other teams from across the South West region.


They joined up with the other Devon team through to the final, Beer Scouts from East Devon, and had an enjoyable evening and over night in Cheltenham’s district HQ with a hearty breakfast before arriving at Shurdington with the other teams.

The theme of the competition was celebration and rites of passage, so they themed themselves and their menu around St George with a red and white uniform and table display. Their menu consisted of red pepper soup, homemade fish fingers with mashed potatoes and peas, and a homemade strawberry cheesecake. They were allowed to bring one ready made item from home so Lily made some lovely fresh bread rolls.

Each team was given a time that the judges would attend their table to taste all 3 of their courses at the right temperature and our team were first to serve. Other than a couple of leaders on hand to help with disasters the teams are very much on their own creating their culinary masterpieces.

Once judging finished and everything was cleared away presentations were made.

Our team didn’t win but came a very credible 9th. A fantastic result especially as this is the first time the group have taken part. Being sea scouts they were in the minority and other teams were curious to why their shirts were a different colour! What they did take away with them were new friendships, memories of a great weekend and not only a love for haribo sushi but two new card games played both up and back on the car journey! Well done 10th, proud of you all!

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Football Crazy Scouts & Explorers

Posted on November 5th, 2017 by John Harrison

Over a weekend in September, the 11th Torbay Scout Troop and Explorers took part in the RN Sea Scouts National Football competition. This is held at HMS Excellent Naval base at Portsmouth, which involves sleeping aboard a type 24 Destroyer, HMS Bristol.

This can be slightly daunting for some Scouts and Explorers, as at 06.30 a call came over the PA system for ‘all hands, all hands’ which means it was time to rise and shine, then they had to form up in columns of three’s and march to the meal mess hall for Breakfast.
The matches were all played on grass pitches, due to the Astro turf pitches were deemed not suitable to play on.

Our Scout team won and lost some of their matches and finally ending up in the semi-finals for the plate competition, first they were winning then the opposing team scored with meant it was a draw. Then both teams scored again resulting in a penalty shootout, luckily, we scored the winning shot and eventually went on to win the Final of the Scout Plate Competition.

The Explorer team set off at a speedy start by winning the first game 3-0. The overall winners from last year came onto the pitch, it was as though we were playing a professional team, as we lost 10-0, but we were not down hearted.
We started the 3rd game only to be beaten 11-0 and so it went and on although we were scoring, so were the other teams beating us by the odd goal.
We rested and planned how could we win the last game. If we could achieve this, then we would automatically be in the Plate Final.
We thankfully won 4-2, and our spark was alight again. Could we achieve what our Scout team had achieved and win the Explorer Plate Final??

Our Explorer team played with all their effort, whenever they passed the ball, took aim it would not stop going into the opposing teams net, this was the team that won the plate competition last year, so they really played to try and hold onto the shield, and become the only team ever to win it in succession.
Our team had other ideas and eventually scored the advantaged goal when the final whistle was blown. We WON.

For more information on joining the 11th Torbay Sea Scout Group please call Paul Bailiss on 07917 453454


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Small Ships Race 2017

Posted on November 5th, 2017 by John Harrison

 11th Torbay Explorer Unit took part in the Small Ships Race in the Solent

Steve Sheppard had once a again got a crew together, and on the Thursday evening we travelled up to the River Hamble to board the boat, called ‘Discovery’, we met the Skipper and the Mates, got kitted out with our wet weather gear and life-jackets, and took our personal gear to the boat. We were split into two watches, Port and Starboard.

For supper we had Hot Dogs and then went to bed. The next day we made our way down the River Hamble into the Solent, where we needed to practice maneuvering the boat around buoys, and sail changes. We then had a competition, one watch against the other watch to see who could change the sail in the fasted time, and the skipper felt it was a draw.

Each Watch also took turns to prepare the meals and wash up while the boat was moving this was a new experience for some of the crew.
We moored up in the Southern Marina of Cowes and then prepared the evening meal.

The next morning everyone had to be up at 06.30, to have breakfast, prepare the boat for racing and to practice our dance routine for the Sail pass on our way to the start line.
Steves daughter, Becky was a crew on a different boat, they won this event, with the crew performing the Rowing Boat song.

The wind was blowing force 5 and getting stronger, We sailed up and down the start line, with the time for starting coming over the radio, 5 minute warning, 2 minute warning, then the cannon fired and we were off, going down wind we hoisted the Jib and Stay sail, we were now having gust of winds up to Force 7, and that was how it stayed for the rest of the day.

As we were racing so we were soon calling out to other crews for water and mast abeam on our approach to the marker buoys, which is all part of the Sailing Rules whilst racing.
On the second buoy we slipped inside an old sailing ship and forced her to give us room, under the rules of course.

After rounding the downwind mark we turned, and then the waves started coming over the bow, we had a slight problem in that one of the sails that we had changed and tied to the guard rail was now being swept overboard, so the first mate Ian and myself, (Terry) ventured to the bow with the boat heeling at 30-35 degrees to retrieve the sail, by the time we had got back to the cockpit it was time for a cup of tea. We came 6th out of 14 boats in our group, but we beat the other boats from the Discovery sailing project.
Here’s to booking a place for next year’s Race.

More photos of the race can be found by visiting the UK Sail Training Facebook page here

Full race results can be found here

This report by Terry Porter ADC Water Activities.

For more information on joining the 11th Torbay Sea Scout Group please call Paul Bailiss on 07917 453454

For more information on Discovery DSP please click here


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Torbay Scouts assisting PATH

Posted on August 24th, 2017 by John Harrison

Recently our District Commissioner, Paul Bailiss, Assistant District Commissioner for Beavers, Elaine Harrison, District Treasurer, Ron  Edinborough together with Scouts, Cubs and Beavers of the Torbay District met with Kath Friedrich of People Assisting Torbays Homeless (PATH) to present a cheque for the sum of £422.00



This money was collected by members of the Torbay District together with family and friends in the congregation at the St. George’s Day service held at the Princess Theatre this April.

Path Torbay are a local charity who work extremely hard to assist Torbay’s homeless 365 days a year. They provide essential provisions, advice, support and signposting. They rely heavily on donations of clothes, sleeping bags, blankets, tents and camping equipment. Toiletries, cold and hot drinks, food and food for the pets are all essential to provide the support these people desperately need.


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Campsite Working Day

Posted on February 26th, 2017 by booking manager


Saturday 25th February was a busy day at the Campsite. Over 60 people including leaders, parents and young people from six of the Torbay Districts groups joined together to prepare our site ready for the busy upcoming Summer season. Ray Hill, the Chair of Torbay Borough Council also attended to lend a hand clearing and tidying the grounds.

Scouts and Explorers assisted in weeding the gardens, trimming the hedges and removing lots of wood and rubbish from inside the building.



After all that hard work a spot of lunch of hot dogs and hot soup was enjoyed by all!

The finishing touches are being made to the newly named “Jack Merrifield Room”


An excellent day of hard work was completed just before the rain came in!

Well done all and a huge thank you from the District Team!

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Scouts Jambowlree 2017

Posted on February 11th, 2017 by booking manager

So for something different we decided at the 10th to attempt the International (but unofficial) Jambowlree. An invited was sent across the Spur and we had the 13th Scouts and Leaders join us as well as representatives from the 11th and the 20th Scouts.

Despite having to pre-book, I just don’t think AMF Bowl in Torquay quite knew where to turn as 80 Scouts and leaders turned up at 10am on a Saturday morning!  Still with some assistance from the glamorous leaders of the 10th once we had everyone checked in, parents at the ready we got the Sections bowling.

Despite having to pre-book, I just don’t think AMF Bowl in Torquay quite knew where to turn as 80 Scouts and leaders turned up at 10am on a Saturday morning!  Still with some assistance from the glamorous leaders of the 10th once we had everyone checked in, parents at the ready we got the Sections bowling.

Despite having to pre-book, I just don’t think AMF Bowl in Torquay quite knew where to turn as 80 Scouts and leaders turned up at 10am on a Saturday morning!  Still with some assistance from the glamorous leaders of the 10th once we had everyone checked in, parents at the ready we got the Sections bowling.

Bar the usual technical frustrations with Ten Pin bowling I think it is fair to say that everyone had a ball with some really impressive scores being lodged.  Highest score went to Brandon from the 10th Land Scouts with 140 and then hot on his heels was Bosun with a score of 137. 


The highest team score came from the cub section with the “The Peas and Carrots Legends” (have no idea where that name came from!!) racking up 659 – only one of the team scored under 100 points!  We managed to get a member from every team in the top 10 which is fairly impressive when you take into account we had the beavers there too and the scoring was so high.  Although this was clearly just for fun the competitive streak quickly came out with lanes challenging each others score.  However, the Scouting ethos of “Helping

others” was also very much apparent as those who hadn’t bowled before or struggled got support and help from their peers.  It was great to see.

Final scores in and submitted and already the request to participate in 2018 has been called!  Well lets wait and see what the final global table shows in May to see what we have to defend (or not as the case may be!) before we commit to anymore !!!!!

Thanks to the 13th and the Scouts from the 20th and 11th that came great to see you and hope to see you for 2018!

This report from Jon Bradley, 10th Torbay Land Scouts.



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Watcombe Campsite

Posted on November 21st, 2016 by John Harrison

Torbay Borough Scout Campsite is situated on the south coast with fantastic views. Set amongst fields and woods the campsite has excellent access to shops and the numerous tourist attractions of Torbay.

The Southwest coastal path passes the site and with Dartmoor only a few miles away from the site, we are provided with excellent opportunities for both the novice walker and the experienced hiker.

Beaches are plenty around Torbay and the site is lucky enough to have a relatively secluded beach just 10 minutes walk down the hill, ideal for swimming or just relaxing and taking in the ‘rays ‘.

The campsite consists of two fields, The Back field with Pitches 1 to 8 and the Front field with Pitches 9 to 15. The back field has a wood pile & 2 water points, the front field also has a wood pile & 3 water points.

There is a Fridge / Freezer room available and a washing up station both which are Free of charge for all campers. There are hot showers available as are the usual washing toilet and water facilities.

We have a Hall together with a fully fitted large kitchen to hire and a large Sleeping Hall which will comfortably sleep 20 people on mattresses.

For the knotty people amongst you there are some pioneering poles available on site.

Public fields and woods surround the campsite providing an excellent location for group wide games.

The site has a small chapel and campfire circle both of which can be used by visiting groups

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