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Over a weekend in September, the 11th Torbay Scout Troop and Explorers took part in the RN Sea Scouts National Football competition. This is held at HMS Excellent Naval base at Portsmouth, which involves sleeping aboard a type 24 Destroyer, HMS Bristol.

This can be slightly daunting for some Scouts and Explorers, as at 06.30 a call came over the PA system for ‘all hands, all hands’ which means it was time to rise and shine, then they had to form up in columns of three’s and march to the meal mess hall for Breakfast.
The matches were all played on grass pitches, due to the Astro turf pitches were deemed not suitable to play on.

Our Scout team won and lost some of their matches and finally ending up in the semi-finals for the plate competition, first they were winning then the opposing team scored with meant it was a draw. Then both teams scored again resulting in a penalty shootout, luckily, we scored the winning shot and eventually went on to win the Final of the Scout Plate Competition.

The Explorer team set off at a speedy start by winning the first game 3-0. The overall winners from last year came onto the pitch, it was as though we were playing a professional team, as we lost 10-0, but we were not down hearted.
We started the 3rd game only to be beaten 11-0 and so it went and on although we were scoring, so were the other teams beating us by the odd goal.
We rested and planned how could we win the last game. If we could achieve this, then we would automatically be in the Plate Final.
We thankfully won 4-2, and our spark was alight again. Could we achieve what our Scout team had achieved and win the Explorer Plate Final??

Our Explorer team played with all their effort, whenever they passed the ball, took aim it would not stop going into the opposing teams net, this was the team that won the plate competition last year, so they really played to try and hold onto the shield, and become the only team ever to win it in succession.
Our team had other ideas and eventually scored the advantaged goal when the final whistle was blown. We WON.

For more information on joining the 11th Torbay Sea Scout Group please call Paul Bailiss on 07917 453454


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