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Beavers in Bloom

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What a blooming good day we all had at Watcombe campsite on our Beavers in Bloom District event!

1st Marldon, 6th, 10th and 15th Torbay Beaver colonies joined together in the glorious sunshine, to enjoy lots of fun planting flowers around the campsite, making a bug hotel, mini bird feeders, windmills, and going on a bug hunt.
The air was filled with beavers squealing with delight as they sped down the field on the grass sledges.

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Elliott & Cooper, from 6th Torbay(Britannia) said that the Grass Sledging was their favourite and was so much fun as they went fast !!

Hayden from the 1st Marldon added that he “really enjoyed the day and the best part was planting in the wheel barrow and hunting for bugs”

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The beavers came together on their picnic blankets to have lunch, before planting their sunflower seeds ready for the District Beaver Colony Sunflower Competition. I am looking forward to seeing how they all grow.

Thank you to all the Leaders who participated in this event and helped to make the day memorable.

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Finally thank you to our Camp Warden, Andy ‘Bosun’ Spalding, who prepared the campsite for us and tirelessly made 60 lady bird houses for our beavers to take home with them!


Elaine Harrison 

Assistant District Commissioner

Beavers Torbay

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